Motorrad-One ("M1") Top-End Performance Kit, (K67) BMW S1000RR (2019+)

$ 5,850.00

Motorrad-One ("M1") Top-End Performance Kit, (K67) BMW S1000RR (2019+)
Part Number: 1112M200X00-M2X

Motorrad-One ("M1") Top-End Performance Kit, (K67) BMW S1000RR (2019+), contains M1 performance cylinder head modification, exhaust camshaft stage 2, M1 valve springs kit, BMW head gasket, BMW valve seals and titanium retainers kit with shims.  This cylinder head port design has been developed, and tested on a Superflow test bench. A real bolt on kit that makes it simple to attain higher RWHP with components that are matched to each other for performance applications. 

- M1 performance K67 cylinder head modification (based on the development of World Superbike cylinder head and taken steps forward)
- M1 5 axis CNC machine race port and polish (revised intake and exhaust ports)
- M1 3 angle CNC valve job
- M1 Performance Exhaust Camshaft with increased lift & duration 
- BMW Cylinder Head Gasket
- M1 Performance Valve Spring Kit
- M1 Titanium Valve Spring Retainers (OEM are aluminum retainers)
- Special M1 Valve Shim Kit fo use with Ti Retainers Kit 
- BMW Valve Seals

Modifications required & Notes

- Cylinder head should be installed using new OEM cylinder head bolts (available from us), or our cylinder head stud kits (available soon). Intake and Exhaust valves, spring base plates, valve stem retainer locks, O-rings, rockers and shaft system are not included and can be replaced or re-used from your existing cylinder head. This is for the modification of YOUR BMW S1000RR (K67) cylinder head, and exhaust cam - please allow for 10-14 days from our receipt of your parts. 

Option: ADD+ $550 For Labor to reassemble complete head and shim new camshafts. 

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