HP Parts Race Datalogger BMW S1000 RR, HP4 (2010-2018)

$ 869.00

HP Parts Race Datalogger BMW S1000 RR (2010-2018)
Part Number: 77538526204
Professional racers rely not just on gut instinct but also on facts and figures. And this is precisely what the HP Race data logger provides.

 The software permanently captures and saves motorcycle and riding data such as road speed, engine speed, throttle grip position, brake status front/rear, gear, longitudinal acceleration, banking position, engine temperature, GPS position and GPS speed, ABS control range and DTC control. This information in particular helps professionals further improve their riding style (line, braking and throttle points) or adjust their motorcycle to their personal riding style.
Among other things, the DTC (Dynamic Traction Control) can be perfectly adapted to the relevant race track and tyres.

 The data saved can subsequently read out onto a USB stick and analyzed at the PC or laptop.  Even the riding line can be displayed and analyzed in detail in conjunction with Google Maps using the software included.
 The function of the HP Datalogger are extendable by using an interface module (7470A109A00-01) and cable adaptor (7470A109A01-01) for further sensors, front and rear suspension stroke and lambda sensor that are available in this SHOP.

Technical Details

  • Permanent storage of lap and race data in the Datalogger:
    • Logging covers up to 32 data channels, including speed, engine rpm, throttle twistgrip position, brake status front/rear, gear, motorcycle's longitudinal and lateral acceleration, angle of lean, coolant temperature, GPS position.
    • 4 logging modes (RACE, TRACK, EVENT, ENDURANCE) with different sampling rates.
  • Data from the Datalogger can be transferred to USB stick.
  • Log-data import from USB stick for analysis on PC.
  • Including software for analysing log data:
    • Predefined settings and templates (choice of views, circuit plots, XY diagrams, minimum/maximum tables and statistical analyses of the motorcycle data).
    • User-specific analyses can be generated.
    • Detailed, BMW-specific help file (Analyzer): Definition of the data channels and overview of the templates and settings, see attachment.
    • Program software in 5 languages (German, English (GB), French, Spanish, Italian).
    • Regular software updates (see Downloads).
    • Use of the software only with the corresponding BMW Motorrad HP Race Datalogger.
  • LED indicator to show various Datalogger states (including standby, GPS availability, data memory full).
  • Scope of supply:
    • Datalogger including mounting material.
    • Software CD.
    • USB stick.
    • Installation instructions and user guide in 9 languages (German, English (GB + US), French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese and Japanese).
    • Transport pouch.
  • Can be installed by customer. Enabling in the vehicle's control unit is not necessary.
    • Attachment of the Datalogger to the tail of the motorcycle by means of Velcro.
    • Datalogger plug connects to the motorcycle's wiring-harness plug.
    • Installation of the software on a PC (the computer used for this purpose must meet the following system requirements: operating system MS Windows XP / Vista / MS Windows 7, min. 1 GB RAM, 100 MB free space on hard disc, min. screen resolution. 1024 x 768 pixels, USB 2.0 interface.)

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