HP Parts Race Calibration Kit 2 BMW S1000RR (2010-2014)

$ 689.00

HP Parts Race Calibration Kit 2 BMW S1000RR (2010-2014) 

Part Number: 77538544507-01

HP Race Calibration Kit 2, for individual adjustment of engine management (injection, ignition, quick shifter, pit limiter etc.), DTC traction control, engine brake in relation to gear and selected mode, ABS options, DDC electronic suspension settings (only HP4) and launch control, read and delete fault memory, perfect add-on for HP Race Power Kit ECU, will only work with BMW S1000RR (2012-2014) and HP4.

      • The HP Race Calibration Kit 2 enables the following functionalities to be adapted on a custom basis. Functions available for the first time with the HP Race Calibration Kit 2 are marked "NEW" below. These functions are not available for the pre-facelift S 1000 RR.
      • Fuel injection quantity and ignition timing:
        • - Custom adaptations to allow for modified powertrain components such as exhaust system, air intake ducting and camshafts
        • - Custom adjustment of response in accordance with rider preferences and track profile (engine power and power uprating).
        • - Allowing for track-specific ambient conditions such as relative humidity, for example.
      • Dynamic Traction Control DTC
        • Adjustment for tyre parameters (circumference, shape and slip) possible to customise the response of the DTCsystem (control timing/rate).
        • Mode-dependent definition of a bank angle below which traction control is deactivated (to permit wheelies).
        • 9 characteristic maps for adjustment
        • Together with the HP Race Power Kit, enables individual setup for each of the various riding modes (RAIN, SPORT, RACE and SLICK). Without the HP Race Power Kit, this is possible only in SLICK mode.
      • NEW: Traction control fine-tuning (only HP4): A standard feature of the HP4 is the possibility in SLICK mode of fine-tuning slip or control intensity while riding by means of the step-control button in the left multifunction switch. Step magnitude can be set with the HP Race Calibration Kit 2.
      • NEW: Adjustment of the DDC (Dynamic Damping Control) (only HP4):
        • Individual allocation of the DDC modes to each of the various riding modes
        • Adjustment of damper characteristics in each riding mode to suit rider preferences (hard or soft): front (front forks) and rear (spring strut) adjustable separately; compression and rebound stages adjustable separately for the spring strut; compression and rebound stages separately adjustable for the front forks only with spring travel sensor installed (see "Cross selling").
        • In combination with the Laptimer, sector-specific settings are possible ("corner by corner")
        • Set rear spring travel sensor to zero (e.g. after adjustments to the running gear)
      • NEW: Range of adjustment for launch control (only S1000RR facelift and HP4):
        • Engine-speed limiter for holding speed and cutout speed
        • Torque reduction characteristic: limitation of engine torque during the start phase
      • NEW: Range of adjustment for engine brake (only S1000RR facelift and HP4):
        • 4 engine overrun torque characteristics, selectable for each gear and riding mode
        • Each characteristic produces a difference in the degree of throttle valve aperture as a function of engine rpm. This reduces the maximum braking force that is applied when the throttle valve snaps closed (keeps the rear wheel from locking).
      • NEW: Extended ABS settings (only S1000RR facelift and HP4):
        • Individual allocation of the programmed ABS presets to the 4 riding modes (S1000RR facelift: optionally 3 ABS presets; HP4: optionally 4 ABS presets incl. IDM setting)
      • Shift response of the HP shift assistant (OE/OA):
        • Set intervention speed (torque build-up after gearshift)
      • Speed limiter for the pit lane:
        • Set maximum engine rpm for 1st gear with starter button pressed
      • NEW: Save and clear the engine control unit fault memory (only S1000RR facelift and HP4)
      • Delete the adaptation values:
        • Restore adaptive parameters of the engine management system to the default settings
        • Adaptation values are settings that the engine management system "learns" automatically (to allow for certain motorcycle components such as the throttle-valve assembly and the exhaust system). If the components in question are changed the adaptation values have to be deleted so that the ECU of the engine management system can learn the new values for the modified or new components.

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