BMW HP4 Race Motor Rebuild Program (2017-2018)

$ 5,950.00

BMW HP4 Race Motor Rebuild Program (2017-2018)
Part Number: 00123A00HP4-18

BMW HP4 Race Motor Rebuild Program (2017-2018). According to documents sent to BMW Motorrad dealers in the United States, the 212hp inline-four engine for the BMW HP4 Race comes with an expiration point of 3,100 miles, at which point the entire engine will have to be replaced. We offer a complete rebuild to factory specifications with the option to perform Motorrad-One (M1") Performance Parts upgrades that will yield substantially more power and strength.

For those trying to do the math, this means that the track-only BMW HP4 Race will need a new engine or a rebuild after roughly 12 track days.

BMW breaks the math down further, saying that a typical race bike goes 2,300 miles during a 24-hour endurance race; 200-300 miles during a race weekend; and that WorldSBK engines are checked between 600 and 930 miles of service.

Our rebuild service includes complete disassembly and blueprinting the engine, inspect the cylinder head, valves and guides, check engine cases and cylinder head, inspect rods, pistons and crankshaft, as well as the oil pump assembly. Check transmission/gearbox and all seals and bearings.

We include new valve springs, new valve spring retainers, new spring seats, install new cam timing chain, cam sprockets, and chain tensioner with guide rails and top guide, install new piston ring packs, and piston retainer circlips, new crankshaft bearings, new connecting rod bearings, and new M1 cylinder head bolts and M1 engine case bolts, new clutch pack, complete engine gasket and seals kit, and new head gasket, M1 WSBK oil pan gasket, and blueprint the entire assembly, degree the camshafts and hone the cylinders with special tooling and torque plate.

Any machine work (decking the block, milling the cylinder head, etc), and or hard parts replacement are at an additional cost. The engine must be removed from your HP4 Race and sent to us or it can be picked up via insured freight carrier with our supplied crate.


- Fully ported Race Rylinder Head via 5 axis CNC +ADD $1400.00

- M1 Stage 5 Performance Camshaft Set +ADD $1290.00

- M1 High Compression Piston Set +ADD $1680.00


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