alpha Racing Stage 4 WSBK Race Engine BMW S1000RR (2010-, 2015-)

$ 32,599.00

alpha Racing Stage 4 WSBK Race Engine BMW S1000RR (2010-2014), (2015-2017)
Part Number: 11008561981-04
  • Stock-production engine hand-built, making full use of all tolerances and stock-relevant rework and finishing possibilities.
  • Significant increase in power and torque vis-à-vis the stock production unit.
  • alphaRacing Stage 4.1.1 (2010-2014) or Stage 4.3 (2015-2017) WSBK alpha Racing Camshaft Set for Intake and Exhaust, WSBK Stage 4 alpha Racing Cylinder Head with substantially revised ports and oiling system, alpha Racing High Compression Racing Pistons and Ring Set, Modified Throttle Body Assembly, Modified Intake Manifolds, Modified Camshaft Cover, etc.
  • alpha Racing WSBK Gearbox Kit*
  • V4 alpha Racing Valve Springs, WSBK Air Intake Funnels, alpha Racing Forged Connecting Rods and alpha Racing Engine Case Bolt Kit.
  • alpha Racing Engine Crankcase Venting Kit.
  • alpha Racing Titanium Cam Cover Bolt Kit.
  • For use on racing circuits only (not homologated for use on public roads).
  • BMW S1000RR/HP4 engine specially hand-built:
    • Hand-built by BMW S1000RR racing specialists.
    • Hand-picked series components to make the best possible use of the tolerances.
  • Maximum power yield while remaining in compliance with the close-to-series-specification, rules.
    • Power and torque are superior to the levels achievable by stock-production engines.
    • Extended usable rpm band.
  • 100 % ready to race.
    • Run in to perfection on Superflow Dyno (7 h), complete with dyno test results.
    • Complete Engine Tuning Included.
  • Service intervals that are comparatively long for sport motorcycle racing.
    • Every 3,500 km or 30 operating hours on the race track.

Technical Data

  • Type: Water-/oil-cooled 4-cylinder four-stroke inline engine, 4 titanium valves per cylinder, 2 overhead camshafts.
  • Bore x stroke: 80 mm x 49.7 mm.
  • Displacement: 999 cc.
  • Rated power: (222-228hp) at 14,850 rpm. 
  • Max. torque: 92.5 lb.-ft. at 10,500 rpm.
  • alpha Racing Custom Hi Compression Racing Pistons, compression ratio: Undisclosed.
  • alpha Racing Intake & Exhaust Stage 4 Camshaft Set with alpha Racing V4 Racing Spring Kit.
  • alpha Racing Valve Shim Set (matched tolerances per aR spec).
  • alpha Racing WSBK Dry EVO Slipper Clutch and WSBK Plates Kit.
  • alpha Racing Cam Chain Tensioner.
  • alpha Racing Intake Funnel Kit V2.
  • Engine tuning/engine mapping: Electronic injection, digital engine electronics with integrated knock control via alpha Racing ECU Flash Tuning recommended. (Note: You will have to send us your ECU for flash tuning).
  • BMW HP Race RCK 2/3 with cable required, sold separately.
  • alpha Racing Stage 4 Cylinder WSBK Cylinder Head and Matching Head Gasket for (2010-2014) or (2015-2017) cylinder head.
  • alpha Racing WSBK Connecting Rods w/ special bolts.
  • alpha Racing WSBK Engine Case Bolts, and Titanium Valve Cover Bolt Kit.
  • alpha Racing WSBK Piston Ring Kit.
  • alpha Racing WSBK Spark Plug Set (4) included for high compression engine.
  • alpha Racing Modified Throttle Body.
  • Flowed and Tested (Matched Flow) Primary and Secondary Fuel Injectors.

Note on warranty: Installation of the alpha Stage 4 Race Engine renders the motorcycle a high-performance product with a correspondingly short life expectancy on account of its use in motorcycle racing. Consequently, the machine no longer corresponds to the life-expectancy requirements of a road-legal motorcycle. In turn, this means that the warranty is restricted to freedom from defects in the materials.

Additional information

  • Optimized performance for race-circuit use.
  • No running in necessary.
  • Complies with the close-to-series-specification / WSBK rules.
  • Already proven by racing teams in racing series organized at national level (e.g. in the German, British, Italian and French series and European championships and the Superstock world championship series).
  • In addition, alpha Performance recommends using the HP Race Calibration Kit, which enables customisation of the engine-management parameters and the DTC parameters for a further increase in performance and individualisation in terms of tuning and set-up. Our ECU Flash will enable your HP Race Calibration Kit cable to modify our settings in the ECU.

Recommended in combination with: alpha Racing WSBK Cooling Radiator Kit.

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