alpha Racing Stage 2 Race Engine BMW S1000RR (2010-, 2015-)

$ 19,999.99

alpha Racing Stage 2 Race Engine BMW S1000RR (2010-, 2015-)
Part Number: 11008561982-02
  • Stock-production engine fully blueprinted, hand-built, making full use of all tolerances and stock-relevant rework and finishing possibilities for (2010-, 2015-).
  • Significant increase in power and torque vis-à-vis the stock production unit.
  • For use on racing circuits only (not homologated for use on public roads).
  • BMW S1000RR/HP4 engine specially hand-built:
    • Hand-built by alpha specialists with alpha Racing special Stage 4 camshafts for intake and exhaust. 
    • alpha Racing Special Spring Kit V4.
    • alpha Racing Special Valve Seals Kit.
    • alpha Racing Crankcase Evacuation System.
    • alpha Racing Cylinder Head Fastener Kit.
    • alpha Racing Engine Case Bolts Kit, and alpha Racing Rod Bolt Kit.
    • alpha Racing Special Piston Rings Kit.
    • Hand-picked series components to make the best possible use of the tolerances (crankshaft, matched rods, pistons), and degreed camshafts.
    • alpha Racing Stage 2 Cylinder Head (mild port revisions, and polish), surface mill to spec, angle milling.
  • Maximum power yield while remaining in compliance with the close-to-series-specification.
    • Power and torque are superior to the levels achievable by stock-production race engines.
    • Extended usable rpm band.
    • Full alpha Racing ECU Flash Tuning and RCK 2/3 included.
  • 100 % ready to race.
    • Run in to perfection on Superflow Dyno (7 h), complete with dyno test results.
    • Complete engine with alpha Racing ECU Flash Tuning included. (Note: You must provide your ECU for tuning).
  • Service intervals that are comparatively long for sport motorcycle racing.
    • Every 4,500 km or 40 operating hours on the race track.
Technical Data
  • Type: Water-/oil-cooled 4-cylinder four-stroke inline engine, 4 titanium valves per cylinder, 2 overhead camshafts.
  • Bore x stroke: 80 mm x 49.7 mm.
  • Displacement: 999 cc.
  • Rated power: (210-212 rwhp) at 13,650 rpm. 
  • Max. torque: 89 lb.-ft. at 10,500 rpm.
  • Compression ratio: Undisclosed.
  • Engine tuning/engine management mapping: Electronic injection, digital engine electronics with integrated knock control via alpha Racing ECU Flash tuning included. (Note: You must provide us with your ECU for flash tuning).

Note on Warranty: Installation of the alpha Racing Stage 2 Race Engine renders the motorcycle a high-performance product with a correspondingly short life expectancy on account of its use in motorcycle racing. Consequently, the machine no longer corresponds to the life-expectancy requirements of a road-legal motorcycle. In turn, this means that the warranty is restricted to freedom from defects in the materials.

Additional information
  • Optimised performance for race-circuit use.
  • No break-in period in necessary.
  • Complies with the close-to-series-specification.
  • In addition, alpha Racing recommends using the HP Race Calibration Kit, which enables customisation of the engine-management parameters and the DTC parameters for a further increase in performance and individualisation in terms of tuning and set-up.
  • In addition to the Stage 2 Race Engine, there are also other race engines available from our SHOP.

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