alpha SBK Plug & Play Race Switch Kit S1000RR (2015+)

$ 699.99

alpha SBK Plug & Play Race Switch Kit S1000RR (2015+)
Part Number: 6131A095A00-01

alpha SBK's Plug & Play conversion kit handlebar race switches BMW S1000RR (2015+), replaces left side switch with a CNC machined billet aluminum (black anodized) 7 button racing unit, and right side switch by racing unit with starter button and kill-switch. Please note that "MODE" selection will be switched to left side of the hand controls. This conversion kit allows for replacement of the standard handlebar switch units that are fragile plastic and are prone to malfunctioning and breaking apart after a bike is dropped. All the necessary adjustments from the OEM "MODE" selection button is moved from right to left. The connection of the racing switches to the standard loom is Plug & Play. Weight: 0.28 kg. Also fits BMW S1000R.

The left switch MODE switch unit has the following functions:

  • TC+
  • Mode
  • TC-
  • Lap
  • Up (Trip)
  • Down (Set)
Make Model Type Model year Variant Capacity Note
BMW S1000R K10 2014+ 999
BMW  S1000RR K10 2015+ 999


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