alpha Racing Vacuum Fill/Bleed System (150ml) BMW S1000 RR

$ 29.99

alpha Racing Vacuum Fill/Bleed System (150ml) BMW S1000 RR
Part Number: 3432A040A00-01
alpha Racing Vacuum Fill/Bleed System (150ml) BMW S1000 RR. You want to find a quick, simple and clean way of refilling your hydraulic brake / clutch system? Then you may go and buy an expensive vacuum bleeder device. Or you may use our simple auxiliary refill and bleeder device. Just fill your compensating reservoir with the hydraulic brake fluid and push the liquid through the brake / clutch system with the vacuum bellows. Then quickly bleed the system with the alpha Racing Bleeder Valve, and you may start again. With that, also the last drop of brake fluid finally remains where it belongs - in the hose. Includes: vacuum bellows 150ml, hose adapter, and approx. 30 cm transparent silicone hose in this kit.
Benefit from the unrivaled racing knowledge of alpha Racing in Germany and their professional experience in World Superbike, World Superstock, German IDM Superbike Championship, FIM Superstock Cup 1000, MotoGP (Moto2) and 24 Hour Endurance Racing by using genuine alpha Racing Performance Parts, Electronics and ECU Flash Tuning.

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