alpha Racing Quick Shifter Kit System BMW S1000RR

$ 1,299.99

alpha Racing Quick Shifter Kit System BMW S1000RR (2010-, 2015-)
Part Number: 7725A001A00-01

alpha Racing Quick Shifter Ignition break complete system for BMW S1000RR and HP4, includes all plates, brackets, support with alpha Racing logo, modified wiring loom, lighter and stronger shift rod at 125mm with ball joints (M6). Benefits are that the standard BMW OEM ShiftAssist quick shifter ("QS") system switches off the supply of fuel to the engine during upshifts. The alphaRacing system DOES NOT, and is independent of the OEM CAN bus system. Also to be noted that if the Dynamic Traction Control ("DTC') is intervening and in use, the BMW Shift Assist quick shifter will not cut ignition timing at all and will not activate to allow Upshift. Please note that on (2015-) BMW S1000RR the OEM downshift blipper is not supported - manual rev matching required.


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