alpha SBK Fast E-Throttle Kit 68° BMW S1000RR (2015+)

$ 729.99

alpha SBK Fast E-Throttle Kit 68° BMW S1000RR (2015+)
Part Number: 3271T3278-01

alpha SBK's Plug & Play Fast E-Throttle Kit BMW S1000RR (2015-2017). This is a racing fast turn throttle kit for the electronic e-Gas system used on the BMW S1000RR (2015+), including a complete throttle housing made from billet CNC machined aluminum, black anodized finish, safety guard for the electric OEM connector, angle of travel rotation is reduced by 12° (80° to 68°).

Optimal throttle-control for the rider is attained by the reduction in throttle travel alleviating the need to "double grip" when full gas is required. 

Additional information

Quick action throttle kit with reduced gas rotation angle for BMW S 1000 RR with drive by wire system.
- CNC aluminium housing
- black anodized
- reduced gas rotation angle 68°
- incl. quick action insert
- safety guard for electronic OEM connector
- without grip
- for tube diameter 22 mm
- easy mounting to the OEM electronics

- E-throttle kit doesn't fit to the OEM handle bar as it is longer than the OEM throttle
- OEM switch unit right has to be replaced (replacement: p/n: 6131A095A02-01)
- for the installation a GS-911 wifi unit or BMW diagnostic unit is needed to reset TPS.

Weight: 0,160 kg.

Download Installation Instructions 


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