alpha Racing Chassis Race Wire Harness BMW S1000RR (2010-2014)

$ 1,599.99

alpha Racing Chassis Race Wire Harness BMW S1000RR  (2010-2014)
Part Number: 6111A200A00-01
  • Special lightweight wiring harness for race-only riding
  • At least 35 % saving on weight vis-à-vis the stock component
  • No connections for headlight, front and rear turn indicators, balance-pipe valve adjustment, exhaust-flow control valve adjustment
  • Number of fuses and relays reduced to the minimum
  • Special, waterproof relays
  • 2 regulated 12-V connections for separate measuring systems or additional equipment
  • Extra plug connections at the steering head for connection to instrument panel, multifunction switches and ignition starter switch for streamlining crash-damage repair procedures
  • Cable lengths optimised for routing required for race riding
  • Supplied complete with installation instructions (English, German)
  • For use on racing circuits only (not homologated for use on public roads)
Additional information
  • Replacement for the standard frame-and-suspension wiring harness.
  • The standard engine wiring harness remains unchanged.
  • Target group: Ambitious racing riders and private racing teams
  • Note for pre-facelift S 1000 RR: The drop sensor is deactivated if the Race wiring harness is used.
  • Already proven by racing teams in racing series organised at national level (e.g. in the German and Italian series and European championships and the endurance world championship series).
If the motorcycle is dropped there is a possibility of the wiring harness suffering damage at exposed points such as the connection to the instrument panel or the multifunction switch. The extra cable interfaces at the steering head expedite repair, because it is possible to replace individual sections of the wiring harness. A spares set for this purpose will be available in future.
  • Elements of the spares set:
  • Adapter cable for instrument panel
  • Adapter cable for left multifunction switch
  • Adapter cable for right multifunction switch
  • Adapter for standard ignition starter switch
  • Adapter for ignition switch (with open cable ends)
  • Information on part number and availability to follow.

For use on racing circuits only (not homologated for use on public roads), alpha Racing loom chassis, BMW S1000RR, lightweight (0.7KG), functionallity reduced to the max needed for racing purpose, fits only together with 3 button switch unit left and right switch unit, cable adaptor for voltage regulator, if ABS stays cable adaptor ABS/DTC unit and cable adaptor Calibration Kit.

Benefit from the unrivaled racing knowledge of alpha Racing in Germany and their professional experience in World Superbike, World Superstock, German IDM Superbike Championship, FIM Superstock Cup 1000, MotoGP (Moto2) and 24 Hour Endurance Racing by using genuine alpha Racing Performance Parts, Electronics and ECU Flash Tuning.

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