alpha Racing WSBK Spec Triple Clamps OEM BMW S1000RR, (2010-, 2015-)

$ 1,699.99

alpha Racing Black WSBK Triple Clamps 212mm BMW S1000RR (2010-, 2015-)
Product Number: 3142A130A00-01

alpha Racing CNC machined billet aluminum alloy triple clamps in anodized black for BMW S1000RR/HP4 at 212mm for OEM forks. The upper clamp diameter is 55mm, the bottom diameter is 56mm, and includes special steering shaft and offset bushings. alpha Racing’s offset bushings included in the kit are 0mm and 2mm, and a base offset 30mm, 28mm and 32mm is possible. The geometry and design is from alpha Racing’s WSBK triple clamps of 2012. CNC machined in aluminum and black anodized hard coated. Weigh: 1.96 kg.

alpha Racing utilizes state-of-the-art computer automated design and experience in World Superbike Championship and brings you the very best in BMW S1000RR/HP4 triple clamp kits. These parts are high speed CNC machined, completely milled from high-strength aerospace grade billet aluminum and hard anodized for superior finish, ultra-lightweight and extreme durability.

Benefit from the unrivaled racing knowledge of alpha Racing in Germany and their professional experience in World Superbike, World Superstock, German IDM Superbike Championship, FIM Superstock Cup 1000, and 24 Hour Endurance Racing by using genuine alpha Racing Performance Parts. 

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