alpha SBK Supplemental Radiator BMW S1000RR/HP4 (2010-, 2015)

$ 849.99 $ 999.99

alpha SBK Add-on Supplemental Radiator BMW S1000RR/HP4 (2010-, 2015)
Part Number: 1711A110A01-01

Add-on supplemental cooling radiator by alpha SBK for BMW S1000RR and HP4, fits behind the OEM radiator, including aluminum tubing, connector hoses and clips. This solution by alpha racing reduces engine operating water temperature up to 10%-15% with the added cooling capacity.  Perfect for modified engines that are used on the racetrack. Weight: 1.86 kg.
  • alpha Racing aluminum add-on radiator
  • metal radiator tubing in black with alpha Racing logo
  • alpha Racing connector hoses
  • race duty hose clamps


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