alpha RACE ECU Tuning Touchscreen BMW S1000RR, HP4 (2010-2014)

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alpha RACE ECU Tuning Touchscreen BMW S1000RR, HP4 (2010-2014)
Part Number: APPG31002SE

alpha RACE ECU FLASH Tuning Touchscreen Device BMW S1000RR, HP4 (2010-2014), including access to the alpha RACE ECU Tuning Map, you can purchase additional maps as you modify your BMW. At alpha SBK we have the most extensive database of tested tuning maps and are developing new maps for the BMW S1000RR, HP4. For example, we recently designed and produced a prototype Race Air Intake Funnel Kit - Version 2, this requires a NEW engine map to match the increased air flow characteristic of the funnel kit.
If you make a modification to your BMW - just load the new map that matches the modification from to handheld. Want to change maps from MR-12 to pump gas or Sunoco MOTOAMERICA spec fuel at the racetrack- we have a map for that. Want to go back to stock? No problem – load your OEM file. You added our alpha WSBK ported race head and need a map - yes, we have that too. 
- real world +15 to +19 RWHP gains w/ exhaust and filter
- optimized fueling
- optimized ignition timing
- e-Gas restrictions removed (82% OEM vs 100% open with our map)
- reduced quick shifter timing
- max rev limit raised
- revised DTC traction control
- revised engine braking
Read and save ECU original data to your device.
Write the ECU with our modified maps or return to original data
TPS Reset Tool (No need for GS-911)
Identify the ECU Configuration
Provide Specific Firmware Information 
Clear Adaptive Parameters
Reset Oil Service Indicator (No need for GS-911)
Perform Checks Automatically
Read and Clear Check Engine Codes (No need for GS-911)
Comprehensive Quick Start and Owner Manual

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