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Installation Instructions for the Motorrad-One ("M1") 2020 BMW S1000 RR Lowering Link V1.2 [Patent Pending].

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Motorrad-One ("M1") Valve Clearance Data Sheet for BMW S1000 RR

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Note: You must clear all codes, clear adaption, and reset the TPS sensor on installation. We recommend a GS-911 Wifi tool to do this, available in our SHOP. If you have the RCK 2/3 Protocol Plug-in with the alpha Racing ECU Flash then you must use the INSTRUCTIONS below. You will also have to re-initialize the QS by running the gearbox up and down from 1-6, 6-1 three (3) times while manually pulling the clutch lever in each and every gear. Then your QS will function properly. You also must have a SLICK MODE Enabling Plug BMW S1000 RR/HP4 (2010-, 2015-) Part Number: 12527727856 installed.


Motorrad-One ("M1") Touchscreen Tuning Device


IMPORTANT: ALL Power Commander PC-V or "Other" Piggy-back tuners MUST be removed from the bike BEFORE you READ the initial OEM file, and WRITE the new Map files. *** Failure to do so could result in permanent damage to the ECU*** The piggy-back devices will never be needed again, and our FLASH Tuning is Fully Adaptive and requires the BMW OEM O2 sensors installed at all times. If they were removed, you MUST re-install them. Please email us the .usr file with the LAST 7 digits of your motorcycle's VIN Number as the actual file name, so as to keep the correct files in our cloud server. Be sure that the PC-to-Tuner Device is never connected to the Bike-to-Device at the same time. Mandatory: Connect a battery charger during the READ/WRITE procedure. You MUST inform us if the ECU has ever been flashed before. If yes, please indicate that on the Tuning Forms so we can flash your ECU on the bench. 
When you receive your ECU Tuning Device you will READ the Original Map File ("ORI") from your motorcycle and email it to us for the creation of your alphaRACE Modified File ("MOD") that we shall send to you by email in 24-72 hrs if we do not have to build a custom driver for your ECU. Each and every BMW Engine Control Unit for the BMW S1000 RR and HP4 have different Firmware, Protocols and Software that require special modifications and drivers to create your specific bike's "tuning". You must CONNECT a motorcycle battery charger to your battery while performing the functions READ or WRITE from and to your ECU. 


Motorrad-One ("M1") ECU Flash and Genuine BMW Kit HP Race ECU, ECU Unlock Code, Calibration Kit 2/3 and Unlock Code for Calibration Kit 2/3


Instructions: Throttle Position & Quick Shifter Learning Procedure


Racing Clutchless Downshift Blip System (Version 2) BMW S1000RR (2010-2014) 
Part Number: 7725A111A00-01

Plug & Play system for the BMW S1000RR and HP4 (2010-2014) Version 2, provides ultra fast clutchless up & downshifting. This unique system provides upshifting with along with ultra high speed auto-blipped downshifts. Our kit system has adjustable blipping rev-matching throttle-valve travel allowing you to tune the system to your own personal riding style preferences. This is a 100% proprietary electronic system with stand alone wiring harness, with absolutely no requirement for vacuum modules at all. 

Download Installation Instructions aR Blipper (V2)


1.0 Press both buttons to enter in the programming.  

2.0 Push lower button to scroll the menus forward while push the upper one to scroll backwards.

3.0 Press and maintain the lower button to enter into the various menus. To exit from the menu and under menus, press upper or both buttons. System will go out of programming if no buttons are pushed except the "r" menu. During programming the quickshifter will not be working.

WARNING: Use only on the following setup options.

3.1 Signal time programming "t" (“Time”).

Set at the maximum allowed value. Upshift timing will be managed by original BMW ECU not by SGRACE. If the ECU requires a different cut time, it can be adjusted within 20ms - 99ms.

3.2 Downshift rpm "rL" (“RPM Limit”).

NOTE: The “Blip” function will not work below 3,000 rpm. Above this limit the timing of the blipper is automatically set in function of customer’s choice. “rL” are the lower rpm limit level.

3.3 Downshift timing "SL" (“Set Limit”).

Set the desired timing of the “blip” at “rL” rpm (see par. 3.2).

3.4 Upshift Pre Load adjustment "L" (“Load”).

Default setting "22" it's possible to change the load necessary to apply on the sensor for the upshift signal. With ignition on, engine off, try to select the upper gear. Shift lever should move through the spring load in gearbox until gear resistance is felt. If rpm is above the set value at par. 3.8, the panel LED should show "--" for a while. If this happen too early or too late consequently change the preload setting.

3.5 Actual Load displaying "S" (“Shift Load”).

Entering into this menu, it's possible to read the actual load value. Useful feature for preload adjustment and for gearbox check and maintenance.

3.5.1 Max Load displaying "--"    (“Max Load Display”).

At this point, pressing and holding the lower button, the display will show blinking "--" for about 10 seconds. Afterwards it will show the max load value registered in this period.

3.6 Downshift Timing "tS" (“Downshift Timing”).

Set the “Blip” timing within 20ms - 98ms at 8,000 rpm. Default 98ms. The blip timing at 12,500 rpm will be 70ms more than this value. In the between the CPU will interpolate the value. We suggest timings between 98 and 80ms. Too much timing allows gear in but then you’ll feel the bike pushing a while. A too short timing doesn’t allow a proper downshift. We suggest to start with high value and reduce it during the tests on road.

3.7 Downshift Pre Load adjustment "LS" (“Pre Load Sensor Adj.”)

At default setting "14" it's possible to change the load necessary to apply on the sensor for having the downshift signal. With ignition on, engine off, try to select the lower gear. Shift lever should move through the spring load in gearbox until gear resistance is felt. The panel LED should show "--" for a while. If this happens too early or too late consequently change the preload set.

3.8 Minimum rpm limit "Sr" (Minimum Shift RPM”)

Set rpm below where the system is not cutting RPM. Visualization: /1000.

3.9 Type of analog output "dS" “(Analog Output”)

If your system has the analog output, this function allows to set the type of output: "dC": 0-5V with 0 load at 2.5V. "dU": 0-5V with 0 load at 5V. "DD": 0-5V with 0 load connection at 0V.

3.10 Lower/Upper limits "dr" (“Limits”)

If your system has the analog output, set "5" = ±50Kg, "10"= ± 100Kg.

3.11 Pushing/Pulling "CE" (“Shifter Orientation”)

Set "C" Pushing, "E" Pulling of the Shifter orientation for STD. of GP Shift.

WORKING CONDITIONS : 8V - 17.5V; -20°C - +95°C.

*** Special Notes for BMW's with ATTACK PERFORMANCE rear sets installed: please use the following settings. These are modified base settings that you will fine-tune as required.***

T=63 upshift cut timing
L=16 upshift pressure
TS=80 blip timing rpm
LS=10 blip pressure



Download BMW HP4 Owners Manual

Download 2010 BMW S1000RR Owners Manual

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