HP Parts (RCK3) Race Calibration Kit 3 BMW S1000RR (2015-2018)

$ 789.00

HP Parts (RCK3) Race Calibration Kit 3 BMW S1000RR (2015-2018)
Part Number: 77538546642
HP Race Calibration Kit 3 ("RCK3"), for individual adjustment of engine management (injection, ignition, quick shifter, pit limiter etc.), DTC traction control, engine brake in relation to gear and selected mode, ABS options, DDC electronic suspension settings and launch control, read and delete fault memory, will only work with BMW S1000RR an Unlocked and Race Kit enabled ECU required (Sold Separately in our SHOP). Included: Software and manual for download, and BMW data cable with USB connector and 10-pin socket. 2017+ models require an intermediate connector cable available here.

-Evolved version of the proven HP Race Calibration Kits with additional functions.
-Software for ambitious race riders to tweak engine performance and traction by custom parameter adaptation in the engine control unit.
-As in the past: Tool for customizing the parameters of engine management and DTC (injection,ignition, traction control, shift response of HP shift assistant, speed limit for pit lane, deletingadaptation values).

-DDC (Dynamic Damping Control) adjustment.
-Full and unlimited control of all Fuel and Ignition mapping tables.
-Launch control adjustment (speed limiter for holding rpm and shut-off speed, torque reduction characteristic).
-Engine braking adjustment: 4 engine over-run torque characteristics; adjustablefor each gear and riding mode.
-Individual allocation of the preprogrammed ABS settings to the 4 riding modes.
-Traction control fine tuning: A standard feature of the is the possibility in SLICK modeof fine-tuning slip or control intensity while riding by means of the step-control rockerswitch on the left handlebar. Step magnitude can be set using the HP Race Calibration Kit3
-Saving and deleting the vehicle fault memory.
-ABS Setting changes.
Enabling by means of enabling code by alpha Racing or any authorised BMW Motorrad dealers.
For use on racing circuits only (not homologated for use on public roads).

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