alpha Racing Engine Case Venting Kit BMW S1000RR (2010-, 2015-)

$ 449.99

alpha Racing Engine Crankcase Venting System BMW S1000RR (2010-, 2015-)
Part Number: 1372A250A00-01

alpha Racing special kit system for engine crank case ventilation of BMW S1000RR/HP4. This kit includes oil catch tank, all hoses, clamps, installation hardware and special adapter plate for the airbox. The dyno testing and development by alpha Racing of this proven system shows that by "evacuating" the crankcase pressure via the secondary air system there will be an increase in engine power of about +2 to +4 HP.  The HP gain is because the oil vapor in the crankcase that stops the crank and rods (rotating assembly) from spinning freely will be captured in the alpha Racing engineered two-chamber tank that allows the captured oil to flow freely back into the oil pan. Please note that the HP Race Kit ECU must be used - the knock sensor will be disconnected, and other race-only modifications to the cooling system are required - see instructions. Weight: 0.35 kg. Kit includes the following:
  • alpha Racing oil catch tank
  • 90° hose connector crankcase/oil tank
  • hose connector oil tank/airbox plate system
  • 4 hose clamps 
  • installation hardware for oil tank
  • airbox adapter plate

Benefit from the unrivaled racing knowledge of alpha Racing in Germany and their professional experience in World Superbike, World Superstock, German IDM Superbike Championship, FIM Superstock Cup 1000, and 24 Hour Endurance Racing by using genuine alpha Racing Performance Parts.

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