RCK Pro-STK BMW Motorrad Motorsport (2015-2018) BMW S1000RR

$ 6,490.00

RCK Pro-STK BMW Motorrad Motorsport (2015-2018) BMW S1000RR
Part Number: 1361HP001A00-01
BMW S1000RR Race RCK Pro-STK BMW Motorrad Motorsport, 2D Big Dash, ECU, main race chassis harness loom and race engine loom, datalogger and software for FIM STK, IDM, CEV, CIV, MotoA, IOM/TT Road Racing. Complete plug & play installation. Very rare that such race kit is available to the public, limited quantities available.

Power reduction:
- gear by gear adjustable to avoid excessive wheelies
Engine braking:
- 10 configurable rear wheel force curves
- adjustable gear by gear
- closed loop adjustable
- Manual adjustment steps variable
Wheelie Control:
- Adjustable gear by gear
- Adjustable per mode
- tyre radius adjustable per mode
- slip-offset adjustable gear by gear
- "SlipCorMod“ tables with increased number of break points
- Pit-lane speed limiter controlled by speed target (not rpm)
- Any power reduction (DTC, launch, shifting, anti-wheelie) employs ignition cut.
- Lambda controller with adjustable target
- Auto launch activation in first gear
- Engine brake adjustable by rider (like DTC)
- Fault code reading
- Feedback for gearbox adaption
- Many more available channels for analyzing
- No download time
- Sensor calibration configurable
- Mechanics page with major technical parameters
- Removed immobilizer (ECU and dash interchangeable)
- No Extension Box required (6 analog channels free configurable with 2D Stick Logger)
- ABS unit removed (ABS not supported)
- DDC unit removed (DDC not supported)
- Logger and (optional) GPS-unit separate
Use the following OPTIONAL components to complete functionality and upgrade performance (not included):

- suspension sensors front 7470HP001A00 and rear 7470HP002A00
- brake pressure sensor front 7470HP008A00 and rear 7470HP009A00
- oil pressure sensor 10bar 7470HP010A00 and adaptor oil pressure sensor 7470HP011A00
- GPS-mouse 6520HP001A00
- fast shift sensor 7725A010C00
- e-throttle with reinforced aluminum housing 3271T3278
- 2D license for analyses software

Oil pressure switch 7470A118A00, RCK interface 77538546642, GPS mouse 6520HP001A00 and fuel pump adaptor 6113A040A00 (S1000RR 2015-2016) available on request!

What’s in the kit?
- RCK Pro-STK BMW Motorrad Motorsport ECU
- 2D - Big Dash
- Race wiring loom (engine and chassis)
- ECU- internal analog to Can Line module controller
- BMW wheel speed unit
- RCK Pro-STK software enabled
- BMW ECU internal release codes
- Lambda sensor
- Switch unit (starter, mode- and kill-switch).
Additional information

Add optional components to complete functionality and upgrade performance of the RCK Pro Kit by BMW, (not included but available for purchase in our online SHOP:

- suspension sensors front 7470HP001A00-01 and rear 7470HP001A00-01
- brake pressure sensor front 7470HP008A00-01 and rear 7470HP009A00-01
- oil pressure sensor 10bar 7470HP010A00-01 and adaptor oil pressure sensor 7470HP011A00-01
- GPS-mouse 6520HP001A00-01
- fast shift sensor 7725A010C00-01
- e-throttle with reinforced aluminum housing 3271T3278-01
- oil pressure sensor
- switch unit (starter, mode- and kill-switch

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