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The absolutely tailor-made carbon fiber parts of Ilmberger Carbon Parts are made of 100% carbon fiber and are manufactured exclusively in the autoclave. Each accessory carries a clear, TÜV-certified plastic coating and comes with ABE (general approval) delivered (except racing parts). That is why Ilmberger Carbonparts meet the highest standards in durability, strength, resistance, and looks. The recurrent satisfaction of our costumers is the engine of our acting.

Without compromising Ilmberger Carbon Parts offers all fiber composite parts with tailored properties from 100% carbon. The parts are manufactured exclusively in the newest and most technologically sophisticated processes of carbon fiber prepreg fabrication in the autoclave. Today, this method is used for all high- performance parts for racing cars in Formula 1, and motorcycles in Moto GP.

All parts, manufactured by the Bavarian carbon specialist are provided with a unique clear plastic coating that gives the carbon structure an outstanding depth and is technically and visually superior to all conventional clear coat. Regarding its protective effect, it plays in a league of its own. Even after extensive field and laboratory testing under the toughest test conditions, the clear coat keeps its shine, and protective qualities. Long term testing proved its resistance against aging, weathering and UV Radiation. For these unique abilities it has actually been certified with the famous TÜV Germany seal.

Those that decide to purchase Ilmberger carbon parts do so with the knowledge and vested certainty that the parts are amongst the very best of what is currently available on the market, and that they can take pleasure in the technical and visual advantages for years to come.

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