HP4 Race Carbon Wheel Set (3.5"/6.0"x17") BMW S1000RR

$ 4,899.90

HP4 Race Carbon Wheel Set (3.5"/6.0"x17") BMW S1000RR
Part Number: 3631B200A00-0R

HP4 Race Carbon Wheel Set (3.5"/6.0"x17") BMW S1000RR are ultra light motorcycle wheels for racing and road application as used on the 2018 BMW HP4 Race, and an upgrade product to any model of BMW S1000RR motorcycle. These carbon wheels have been designed to meet the highest level of racing performance and due to the carbon twill cast construction the wheels develop a safe and controlled advantage in speed, providing the lowest moment of inertia and the lowest gyroscopic effect. These HP4 Race wheels are the lightest and the strongest carbon fiber motorcycle wheels, due to use of premium materials and advanced technology. The process of producing one-piece hollow carbon cast is an adaptation of high pressure Resin Transfer Molding technology to ensure the best quality, the continuity of the procedure and subsequent safety of our products. 

The HP4 Race wheels gives great response, because of faster acceleration and better braking. This is a great advantage in turns allowing higher speed entering into the turn and faster accelerating after the turn. When using these wheels, your bike will become at least 5.5 kg (12 lbs) lighter than stock and that is a huge amount of unsprung mass shaved from the bike; it is basically like adding some hp to the engine. Shown with Optional alpha Racing HP4 Race brake discs that are not included. Special Order. Limited Quantities.


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