BMW S1000 RR WSBK ECU Flash Review by Racer Neil Nucup September 18 2019, 0 Comments

BMW S1000 RR WSBK ECU Flash Tuning Review by Racer Neil Nucup.

March 17, 2018.

The ECU Flash WSBK Race Mapping is a product second to none. The ECU programming process was quick, efficient, and painless. I shipped my ECU, where they did their magic and shipped it back to me in a few days.   I replaced my aftermarket piggyback fuel controller for this all inclusive electronics package, and the fuel mapping was night and day.

There are so many more functions added to the bike that it feels like riding a completely different motorcycle (in a great way). The power delivery is faster and more linear throughout the entire power curve. The stock quick shifter has gotten significantly faster and smoother. The traction control system (DDC) is phenomenal compared to the stock system. It’s gear dependent traction control was non-intrusive and very predictable. It allowed me to get on the throttle faster and harder with no sensation of electronic interventions. The only way I knew it was working was the sound the engine makes. It cuts a cylinder out to control the power output during corner exit (the sound is intoxicating).

The flash also reduced the engine braking which helped stabilized the bike during corner entry. This feature took some getting used but was easy getting acclimated to.   My 2012 S1000RR is now even fitted with launch control (L-Con) just like the HP4 and 2015+ S1000RRs. What an excellent product/service by the staff at Motorrad-One.   For any real motorcycle enthusiast/racer that owns a S1000RR, this is the “end all-be all” when it comes to electronics. 5 stars/2 thumbs up!