Timing Chain Adjuster Kit BMW S1000RR, HP4 (2010-2019) July 14 2020

WSBK Timing Chain Adjuster Kit BMW S1000RR, HP4 (2010-2019)

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In todays blog we are going to discuss the benefits of this special part, and show you a step by step installation.

Installation Instructions for WSBK Timing Chain Adjuster Kit for BMW S1000 RR, HP4, HP4 RACE (2010+, 2015+)


This adjustable timing chain tensioner kit will provide you with a more precise valve timing by removing the inherent excess play of the OEM hydraulic unit. The part allows for a predetermined set chain tension (that can be increased as the chain wears and stretches) giving you optimum cam timing throughout the service life of your chain.

Being fully adjustable and allowing for incremental increases in chain tension as needed, you will alleviate Cylinder 1 valve timing issues resulting from the OEM cantilevered cam chain drive design (cylinder 1 being the farthest from the chain and optimum valve timing). That design allows for excessive harmonics and vibration in an engine that revs at 14,500+ rpm, and sometimes even higher in our fully built and modified race engines.

We highly recommend that this service work be performed at our service facility or an Authorized BMW Motorrad Service Center, otherwise serious damage and/or failure of the engine could result. Always consult the BMW Repair Service Manual CD for you specific model, and have the appropriate tools and compounds required before starting (i.e. – Loctite, etc.)

The essentials you will need are:

- A reliable and calibrated torque wrench that reads in metric Nm

- A vernier caliper (a digital unit is more precise)

- A 24mm socket

- A 14mm deep socket

- Loctite 242 Medium Strength

OK, let's get started.  

Step 1.
             Turn the crankshaft to top dead center (cylinder 1 and 4). 
You can use the BMW Cam Timing Tool available here in our shop. 

Step 2.             Remove all original timing chain adjuster parts and                                                       components, see picture 1.

Step 3.             Pre-adjust the timing chain tensioner as shown in picture 2. The head of the threaded thrust pin should protrude about 5mm.

Step 4.             Mount the timing chain adjuster housing (24mm) to the cylinder                               head and tighten it with 30Nm. 

Step 5.             Turn back the aluminum nut (14mm) by about 3 turns as shown in                            picture 3, screw in the threaded thrust pin and tighten with 0.6 Nm.                                    Apply some Loctite 242 Medium Strength and counter-tighten the                          aluminum nut with 20Nm. 

You are finished with your installation! Please take a moment and go back through the steps here and check your work.