2017-2018 BMW Race Mapping for BMW S1000RR (2010-2018), for BMW S 1000 RR/R/XR and HP4 RACE July 30 2018

WSBK Race Mapping Version 2018, BMW S1000 (2010-2018)
Part Number: 1270B580A00-01

WSBK Race Mapping Version 2018, BMW S1000RR (2010-2018), for BMW S 1000 RR/R/XR and HP4, optimized for stock engines with race exhaust system and slick tires. 
+ ready to race mapping - know-how of many years of WorldSBK, Superstock 1000 and IDM experience;
+ changes in ECU parameter, no Race Calibration Kit (RCK) data needed;
Race mapping version 2018 including the following optimized functions:
- injection and ignition (optimized torque and power) output (200 real world RWHP or 220+ HP at the Crank) vs. 181 RWHP stock on BMW S1000 RR.

- traction-control by selective cylinder fade-out (CUT's) full gear-dependent, wheelie-control (GDTC+)

- quick shifter (reduced shift duration + V3 Fast Shift Sensor option)

- engine rpm limitation with soft-cut interruption

- e-throttle optimization (independent in riding modes)

- launch control in first 3 gears
- WSBK level engine braking
- deactivated exhaust servo valves
- deactivated O2 lambda sensors (race fuel compliant)
- deactivated both knock sensors
- deactivated secondary air system (must use our SAS block off plates)
- fuel >= 98ROZ and MR12 now possible.
- Slick MODE plug required (available in our SHOP);
- Race-setups are rider dependent. For final adjustments the option "ADD ON+ Race Calibration Kit 3 (RCK3) with race mapping" or a custom option is recommended (available in our SHOP too);
Please note:
We need to have the ECU only (on 2010-2020) bikes to install the mapping correctly.