Racer Chris Siglin's #488 (BMW HP4) Choice as Technical Sponsor September 18 2019

Racer Chris Siglin #488 riding a BMW HP4 chooses us as Technical Sponsor for 2014. Here is a Press Release from Chris with results from his first test with our WSBK ECU Tuning for the HP RACE ECU.

March 10, 2014. I tested at Buttonwillow Raceway (Buttonwillow, CA) on our 2013 BMW HP4 in preparation for Round 1 of the 2014 AFM Season. After speaking to them several times regarding the HP Race ECU tuning and expressing the desire to attain technical help regarding the Traction Control (“TC”) system and the electronics in general, we sent our HP Race ECU to you in hopes we could further our progression and development of our HP4.

On March 10 we went back out to Buttonwillow with the traction control mapping you provided us. Unfortunately the weather did not cooperate like we wanted it to and we dealt with high gusty winds, stirring up dust clouds of dirt across the track, making it difficult to push the bike like we did two weeks prior.

For the first 2 sessions I was acclimating to the dusty conditions of the track and did not have a chance to really test the TC or wheelie control. Once I became comfortable with traction, I began to push harder and the poor track conditions actually ended up being a great test for the TC due to the lack of grip.

We’ve raced the HP4 several times so far the past year, and were impressed by the stock TC system and how it worked with the small amount of adjustments we made; however, it was never a “smooth” system but it did an “alright” job. Throughout the rest of the day, as I pushed harder and harder and began familiarizing myself with how the SBK TC was activating, I realized the new TC mapping was doing its job, working the way a proper race TC system should with very little intervention and a smooth transition from TC intervening-to-power.

During the past two weeks while testing at Buttonwillow, I also had the opportunity to ride the Boulder Motorsports Ducati 1199 Panigale Superbike built by Brian Sharp. The Panigale is equipped with a full Marelli WSBK electronics system that has been very well setup by an engineer from Europe who has worked with many of the top teams in several series such as WSBK and BSB.

I noticed during my few sessions on the Panigale that the TC and wheelie control system are VERY smooth and VERY efficient, and how it controls the drive off of a corner when grip isn’t optimal. After riding the Panigale, I jumped on our HP4 with SBK RACE mapping and rode at a spirited pace to get a good comparison of how our HP4 system was against the WSBK Marelli system.

It’s difficult to match a state of the art system used by a majority of the pro teams, but I’ll have to say the HP4 system was pretty darn close! Ultimately when you barely even notice the TC has activated, then it’s working properly.

There were a few times coming out of tight slower corners that I was aggressive with the throttle and the rear would spin up and ever so slightly. The rear wheel would slide out and smoothly slide back in line with the front tire, allowing me to continue with the powerful, forward drive. The prior experiences would have allowed the rear wheel to slide out and then the power would cut sharply bringing the back wheel in line with the front wheel, but in a way that it would harm the forward drive out of the corner.

Overall, I’m very impressed with how the system works so far! Thanks for helping us out with this! I’m looking forward to representing you and your Performance products this season!"

Chris Siglin

Thank you Chris, we are very pleased to sponsor you.