BMW Motorrad S1000 RR, XR, R & GS ECU Flash Tuning December 08 2016

ECU Tuning

BMW Motorrad S1000 RR, XR, R & GS ECU Flash Tuning  (2010-2014), (2015-2019), (K67, 2020+)

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Benefits of the optimized Motorrad-One ("M1") mapping, (depending on the product you choose): fuel injection mapping, ignition mapping, air-box funnel control switching, WSBK level traction-control called GDDTC (gear-dependent, wheelie-detection for optimized slip calculations), race quick shifter (reduced shift duration), engine rpm limitation with soft-cut system, E-throttle mapping (independent in all riding modes), removal of all restrictions, race launch control (also fully active in 2nd gear), and engine braking (gear dependent).

Race mapping is optimized for stock internal engines, full race exhaust system (ARROW, AKRA, or Other) and, race air filter. All possible BMW S1000 engine combinations are available (race ported cylinder head, high compression, race pistons, racing camshafts, larger diameter bore +2mm, +4mm longer stroke crankshaft, modified WSBK airbox, modified race air funnels, etc.). Please specify in your Order Notes and leave your phone number for a comprehensive consultation. Ready to race mapping - best of many years of WSBK experience. Race set-ups, rider dependent and final adjustments available via the option "RCK with WSBK Add-On Option" or ask us for a custom race package is recommended.

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